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No competition – how the big hearing aid companies are taking from Australians

  Hearing aid sales are on the rise and multinational corporations are benefitting. Local Australian businesses are being forced into a competition they cannot win and hearing loss patients are fronting the cost. Despite the vastness of our resources and innovations in technology, Australia does not manufacture hearing aids.

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Dr Vass Hearing is committed to recycling – one hearing aid battery at a time

‘It’s important to consider our impact on the environment’ Dr Vass Indeed, batteries keep our hearing aids going. Based on the average 10-hour usage, one battery should last a user between 7-10 days. After that, it needs to be replaced. This means the average hearing loss patient will go through around 70 batteries a year.

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Upselling hearing loss: retail hearing aids

How does this make you feel? Last week, I was approached by a patient looking for a second opinion. The week prior she had been to a retail hearing aid store in her local shopping centre, hoping to get some advice regarding her hearing loss.

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Some common questions we get asked, answered by Dr Vass

Q: If I feel I’m experiencing hearing loss, what should I do? Dr Vass: The first thing to do is to get a comprehensive assessment by an independent professional. Experience and qualifications vary widely, so ask about both before deciding on where to go.

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A guide for seeking advice on hearing loss

On average, people wait 6.5 years before doing anything about their hearing loss. In that time their hearing not only deteriorates, but it also affects their quality of life and connections with others.

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The importance of running an ethical practice

“We need to get back to being a service based, professional industry” – Dr William Vass Dr William Vass began working in the field of audiology in 1978 – in much different times. Technology was pretty basic compared to today’s digital world; counselling and patient care were more important than relying on technology.

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When greed takes over

This journal entry is a personal one for me to write and share, but I feel that attention must be brought to this difficult topic. My father, William Kyle Sr. served in the United States Army; he was a career soldier and a World War II veteran.

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Buyer beware: Asking the right questions before you spend

It’s now down to the consumer to do their homework. As further reports emerge regarding clients who have been grossly over-charged or sold hearing aids with technology beyond their needs, I am more concerned than ever for anyone in need of hearing services.

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There is no such thing as a free lunch – or a free hearing test

‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch as or a free hearing test.’ by Dr Vass A question that is common in my practice is “Do you offer free hearing tests?” and my answer is always “No,” and I never will.

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Hearing aids and hearing loss: What you need to know before you buy

It is a common misconception that those exhibiting any sign of hearing loss immediately require hearing aids. However, although they are greatly beneficial to those needing them, hearing aids may not be an immediate necessity.

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