Dr Vass Journal

Upselling hearing loss: retail hearing aids

How does this make you feel? Last week, I was approached by a patient looking for a second opinion. The week prior she had been to a retail hearing aid store in her local shopping centre, hoping to get some advice regarding her hearing loss.

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The importance of running an ethical practice

“We need to get back to being a service based, professional industry” – Dr William Vass Dr William Vass began working in the field of audiology in 1978 – in much different times. Technology was pretty basic compared to today’s digital world; counselling and patient care were more important than relying on technology.

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When greed takes over

This journal entry is a personal one for me to write and share, but I feel that attention must be brought to this difficult topic. My father, William Kyle Sr. served in the United States Army; he was a career soldier and a World War II veteran.

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