Some common questions we get asked, answered by Dr Vass

Q: If I feel I’m experiencing hearing loss, what should I do?
Dr Vass: The first thing to do is to get a comprehensive assessment by an independent professional. Experience and qualifications vary widely, so ask about both before deciding on where to go. I have over 21 years experience as an audiologist in Canberra and I am one of only 22 practitioners in Australia to have attained the highest qualification in audiology (Doctor of Audiology). You may or may not need hearing aids, but you do need the best advice.

Q: Aren’t all hearing clinics basically the same?
Dr Vass: No, there is a big difference between clinics in Canberra. The majority of clinics in Canberra are owned and operated by large, multinational corporations. This fact may or may not be good for consumers, but as an independent clinic we are not bound to any one manufacturer. Therefore, if you do need a hearing aid, we will recommend the best one to suit your individual needs.

Q: Do hearing aids work?
Dr Vass: Yes! Hearing aids help hearing impaired people to hear better in many situations. Recent advances in hearing aid technology mean that most people will benefit from a hearing aid in even difficult listening situations such as, background noise. Bluetooth technology, remote microphones, and small, discreet hearing aids are just a few of the latest innovations that help people successfully use hearing aids.