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Dr Vass is an independent audiologist with a patient-centred approach. Celebrating 40 years in the hearing industry.

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Professional Audiologist in Canberra

About our practice

Dr Vass Hearing is Canberra’s leading independent hearing clinic, offering patients hearing solutions in a friendly professional environment. We have a small, carefully selected team that provides patients with outstanding customer service at every stage of your journey. We are committed to positive outcomes for our patients and offer ongoing aftercare to assist patients and their loved ones.

Dr Vass has been providing hearing health solutions to Canberra and the surrounding regions for over 20 years and is known for his honest and ethical approach when caring for his patients. With more than 35 years in the hearing industry, Dr Vass is highly qualified and is one of only twenty-two Doctors of Audiology in Australia; his knowledge-base is second to none.

Our clinic provides services for both private and government patients and we are NDIS accredited. We work closely with government agencies such as the Office of Hearing Services and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.


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"Our attention to detail and level of patient care sets us apart from other clinics."
Dr William Vass

Hearing Aids

We offer professional advice about your hearing and provide tailor-made solutions, including whether a hearing aid might be of benefit. A 30-day trial of your new hearing aids and on-going aftercare are included in our services.

Hearing Assessments

Patients are tested in a sound-proof room with all results immediately available and explained. We work closely with your GP or ENT doctor, offering professional, independent advice about your hearing.

Office of Hearing Services (OHS)

We provide services to eligible Commonwealth Government clients. If you have a Pension Card or DVA white or gold card, we can help you to obtain services. Office of Hearing Services (OHS) clients may be eligible for free hearing aids under the program. Clients already in the program are welcome to transfer to Dr Vass Hearing.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

We work closely with law firms in Canberra to assist in workers compensation cases and provide a hearing test and report for your legal team.

Testing Equipment

We use only the latest diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment. All of our equipment is calibrated by qualified and independent certifiers so that you can be sure of the accuracy of our tests.

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Dr Vass Hearing is located at Suite 14 John James Medical Centre, 175 Strickland Crescent, Deakin. The medical centre is located in the heart of the Deakin medical establishment and is home to the majority of medical specialists in the ACT.

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Ph: (02) 6282 2717
E-mail: info@drvasshearing.com.au

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