Hearing Aid Fitting

Dr Vass is committed to providing personalised care and expert guidance throughout your hearing aid fitting. From selecting the right hearing aids to programming and fine-tuning their settings, he will ensure you receive the best possible hearing care. Read on to learn more about the hearing aid fitting process and how we can help you hear better.
Frequently Asked Questions
Dr Vass will cover the following during your hearing aid fitting:
  • Hearing aid fitting: Dr Vass will look in your ears with an otoscope to ensure they are clear for the fitting. Next, he will place a small probe tube attached to a microphone in the ear canal.
  • Hearing aid programming: Dr Vass will program your aids according to your hearing requirements. Your hearing aids will be tested to ensure they are producing the required sound amplification.
  • Hearing aid testing and fine-tuning: Sounds will be played through a speaker, and measurements will be taken with and without the hearing aids to determine the required level of amplification. This allows Dr Vass to adjust the hearing aids to suit your hearing loss. He will then ask you questions and further fine-tune the aids. Following this, an aided speech test will be performed to determine the amount of benefit. You will be required to repeat words you hear back, and the test will be conducted with and without hearing aids..
  • Management and use: Dr Vass will show you how to insert and remove your hearing aids. Hearing aid functions such as adjusting volume will be explained. Dr Vass will also show you how to care for your hearing aids.

The length of a hearing aid fitting can vary depending on your needs, but it typically takes 45 minutes.


Yes. Dr Vass will ensure that you know how to use and care for your hearing aids. He will show you how to distinguish left and right aids, insert and remove the aids, turn them on and off, change and charge batteries, care for and clean your aids, adjust volume and programs, and show you how to use any accessories.

If your hearing aids are uncomfortable or not working properly, contact Dr Vass for a follow-up appointment. He can make adjustments or repairs to ensure that your hearing aids are working correctly and comfortably.
Yes, many hearing aids have features that allow you to adjust your settings, such as volume and program settings. However, it is recommended that you work with Dr Vass to ensure that any adjustments are appropriate for your hearing needs.
Following your initial hearing aid fitting, you will have a follow-up appointment in two weeks to ensure your aids are working well and adjustments can be made. Your hearing aids will be reviewed every twelve months, but you are welcome to come in sooner if needed.

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