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Independent Expert Advice

At Dr Vass Hearing, we are dedicated to correctly assessing and testing hearing for adults and children (aged 4+). Dr Vass has over 35 years’ experience in hearing health and is Canberra’s only independent Doctor of Audiology. He has strong, extensive clinical experience and knowledge enabling him to provide the best in advice and the latest in technology. As an extension of his experience and beliefs, our clinic is committed to offering independent and professional advice.

Our services include diagnostic hearing assessments, hearing aids and fittings, custom hearing protection, swim plugs, hearing aid repairs and cleaning, assisted listening devices, diagnostic hearing tests, batteries and accessories, and offer a drop-in service for minor repairs to existing clients.

We are accredited to provide services through the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program to qualified pensioners and DVA clients.

Hearing Assessments

A hearing assessment is the first step in establishing your own hearing base line.

The initial assessment gives you valuable insight into the individual characteristics of your hearing and an understanding of the cognitive effects hearing loss has on the brain. You are most welcome to bring a family member or friend along to your initial assessment for support. Dr Vass’ patient-centred approach to his practice gives him a comprehensive understanding of the effect hearing health has not only on an individual experiencing potential hearing loss, but also on the people around them.

A full diagnostic hearing test will include pure-tone air and bone conduction, speech discrimination, and tympanometric tests. Hearing assessments also include:

  • Examination of ear and auditory canal
  • Consultation and explanation of results
  • Independent advice on the most appropriate solution for you
  • Reports for your GP or ENT specialist (if required)

What to expect after your hearing assessment?

Dr Vass’ patient-centred approach ensures your needs and requirements are at the forefront of his mind, and he will provide an individual hearing health solution with your lifestyle and budget in mind. If you should require hearing aids or any other hearing device, Dr Vass and his team will guide you through the three step program.

Step 1.

Fitting & device consultation

  • Initial fitting and programming of the hearing instrument using specialised computerised sound samples that imitate everyday sounds
  • Programming, setting and adjusting the device to your individual requirements
  • At this fitting appointment Dr Vass’ team will talk you through how to best care for your device. We provide complimentary cleaning kits and D-Dry kits designed to prolong the life of your hearing device.

Step 2.

Follow-up & ongoing support

All device fittings are followed by an appointment one week later with Dr Vass. This follow-up appointment is an opportunity to assess how the device is working for you, and if any changes need to be made. We encourage our patients to check in sooner rather than later with their new devices to ensure the best possible outcome for them.

Step 3.

Aftercare & servicing

All devices fitted by Dr Vass are guaranteed lifetime support by Dr Vass and his team. Some of these services include:

  • Any further adjustments to the hearing devices
  • Once you have purchased the instrument(s) you will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for an agreed period
  • We offer an ongoing repair and cleaning service to all our customers
  • We will contact you every year as it is advisable to have your hearing and aids checked annually to check for any changes


Dr Vass offers a consultation appointment to assess your individual needs and requirements. This service is an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have regarding your hearing health. As with all of Dr Vass’ services you are welcome to bring a support person with you and use this appointment to ask questions and gain a clear understanding of your hearing health needs. Dr Vass will provide you with independent advice for your individual case.

Industrial Hearing Screening

Dr Vass provides industrial hearing screening and full comprehensive reports for many of Canberra’s largest employments. Our services include:

  • Full hearing health testing and reports
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Yearly employment hearing health checks

Audiological Legal Services

Dr Vass works closely with many of Canberra’s leading law firms. His extensive knowledge and specialist qualifications ensure that he presents reliable and accurate audiological evidence that stands up to in a legal environment. He provides both written and oral legal advice and evidence.

Additional Services

  • Noise reduction and musician plugs: We offer custom music plugs to help reduce damaging noise
  • Swim plugs: We offer a range of custom off-the shelf ear plugs for swimmers both adult and children
  • Custom made swim plugs: We offer a custom made swim plug service

A Complimentary Second Opinion 

If you would like a second opinion from Dr Vass please contact our office. Dr Vass offers a 15 minute ‘second opinion’ service. What does this mean? This means that, if you have recently had a hearing test (within the past 6 months) and you have a copy of your audiogram, Dr Vass will happily have a look at your results and what has been recommended and give you his opinion – free of charge and no strings attached. Dr Vass is dedicated to ethical practice awareness within the hearing industry and our clinic is committed to ensuring hearing clients in Canberra are being ethically supported. If you would like to know more, visit our journal here.




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