Industrial Hearing Screening

If you work in a noisy environment like a factory or construction site, you might be exposed to loud noises that can damage your hearing over time. That is where Industrial Hearing Screening comes in. This process can help you identify any hearing loss early on, so you can take steps to protect your hearing and prevent further damage.
Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Hearing Screening tests the hearing of people who work in loud environments such as factories or construction sites. Industrial hearing screening is used to identify hearing loss and prevent further damage to their hearing.

Industrial Hearing Screening is important because exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss. Any hearing loss can affect a person’s quality of life and ability to work. Employers and employees can prevent permanent hearing loss by identifying potential causes, providing adequate protection and regular hearing screening. 

During an Industrial Hearing Screening, you will undergo a hearing test in a quiet environment. The test may include different frequencies and volumes, and the results will be recorded and analysed.

A hearing health report includes the hearing test results and any further testing or treatment recommendations if hearing loss is detected. The report may also include information on hearing protection devices and other safety measures.

Yes, industrial hearing loss can be prevented. Reducing exposure to loud noise is recommended and can be achieved by wearing hearing protection devices and reducing exposure to loud equipment and machinery. Regular Industrial Hearing Screening can also help detect hearing loss early and prevent further damage.

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