A Patient’s Perspective

Something I have learnt in my forty years as both a business owner and an audiologist, is the importance of stepping out of my practice and looking at it from a patient’s point of view. 

‘ I was not happy with the service I was receiving for other suppliers. I was literally given the run around. However, I talked to other people I knew had been to Dr Vass, and they were very happy. Dr Vass sat me down and explained a few things I had not heard about. Therefore, I had a hearing test and the rest is history, needless to say I am very happy with the result.’ Keith Gregory

A change in perspective allows us to see ourselves as ours view us, this is essential in identifying both our strengths and weaknesses in my practice, and helps us to provide the very best for our patients and improve outcomes. As a small business owner it is easy to become consumed with the day to day running of your practice and forget the end goal – patient satisfaction. It’s not until you view your business through an outsiders lens that you get a true picture of how it is perceived by others. In an effort to continually improve our service and procedures we need to look to our clients and learn from their experiences. We encourage communication at Dr Vass Hearing, of course it is nice to receive positive feedback and as hard as negative feedback can be to hear, it is just as important, as it allows us to learn and improve. Our aim is to provide every patient with a positive outcome, we are always looking for ways to increase interaction and conversation, because at the end of the day what our patients think of us matters.